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Wizard's Cove - A Fallout 3 Mod - The Sh!t Doc



I have an idea. An idea I'd like to see through, for Fallout 3. And this idea, is called Wizard's Cove.


What is "Wizard's Cove", You ask? Well then, Wizard's Cove is a small trader town that has no relation to any existing town within the game. A separate town all it's own that will contain the following;


*Several Quests.

*Able to marry a resident of the town with the freedoms you had in FO2, that includes abusing them and possibly even selling them, or you could just plain rape them.

*A bunch (15 to 20) of stupid NPCs AI that roam around and do stuff.

*A bunch of talking deathclaw that want you to find some crazy ass ring for them.

*An abandon lair

*A whore house

*A bar

*A couple of whores

*A Supermutant named "Gargok the Barbarian" that will have 1,000 HP and a hammer.

*A local radio station that plays nothing

*A ghoul named "Jimmy the Green" - only because it sounds funny

*Me as a quest giver that gives you a really reduntent quest


That's pretty much it. I'll get into detail later. The CS comes out this month (!!!) along with the SDK, so will probably get some immature sh!t like sex animations, better bodies, and nudity. Like what Oblivion is now.


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