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Entry 5: Oh noez

Posted by Diso , 16 November 2006 · 651 views

Well, it started. I don't know when it started but today, I heard christmas carols on the radio. It's only November 15th, yet a month and a week to go before christmas, but people insist on playing the christmas songs this early in the year. I don't really have a problem with christmas songs; it's just like, Wow already!?

So lately, I've been writing a few game reviews, and I was following the guidelines posted by Gamecop when it got me wondering about us reviewing the "Control" aspect. Now I can understand sluggish controls and complicated controls for action games and sports games and other games like that. But game's like RPG's and RTS really have simple controls. So they get an 8-9 out of a possible 10. It's almost like how the hell do we take off points off a simple control system. The lack of creativity!?

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