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help on ps2


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OK...AMD Athlon 1700+...works with 1500 Mhz...Ge Force mx 440 (i really need to buy something new...)...768 MB of RAM...that's about it..

As for the plugins:

Graphics: GSdx9

Sound: spu2PeopsDSound

CD-DVD: cdvdPeops and i also have CDVDiso plugin

BIOS: Europe v02.00 (14.06.2004) Console (also have the Japan and USA BIOS...same version...

I don't have any USB or fire wire drivers nor the dev 9 driver (don't even know what that's for)...it uses the deafault null driver...which does nothing...


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Sadly, those specs won't cut it. I have an AMD Athlon 64 3000+, 512MB RAM and ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, and I get roughly half the regular speed in the BIOS menu with the SSE2 build (which speeds up the emulation quite a bit, thanks to the SSE2 instruction optimizations).


I know this may sound kinda harsh, but give it up. Even if you wouldn't use the emulator for playing, but for taking screenshots or compatibility testing... and the emulator giving you error message doesn't help. You're far better off playing with a modded PS2.


It's far too early for the so-called next-gen systems to be emulated, speed-wise.

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Just tell me one more thing...what do these HP and kills mean...that every user has...i don't get it... :huh:

That would be the Forum Attack System. Why don't you check the Atatck System Forum for some info on it? It gets boring fairly quickly, but people get kicks out of it either way.


Just look at a user's details and you'll see 'Attack user'. You'll then get a list of weapons to choose from. By attacking, you gain levels, EXP, Strenght, and HP.

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