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@ruantec Emu-Selector v1.0b


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After the last inconvenients whit the 1.0 and 1.0a releases, of the emu loading and running tool, @ruantec Emu-Selector, @ruantec-Man and Gismo released a new version of the tool, hoping this time to have no more troubles. Here are the news for this release:



* The load shortcut support has been turned off (due several problems loading.lnk

* The same compatibilites as the V.0.1b(the best release)

* Now the selector start.exe files not.lnk files

* some errors are fixed now(now you will be able to start the emus again!)

* Always on top option added.



* I really sorry for the last releases.......

* check the readme.txt file for more infos.

* this release is the work and hard tests of me(@ruantec-Man) and Gismo


So great news for the users who where having troubles with the tool (like me :)


::> Download @ruantec Emu-Selector from here.

::> Visit @ruantec Emu-Selector Site, to get more info and news.

::> The rest of the news credited to NGEmu.

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