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Neo Geo CD Burning Questions

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I've been downloading the NGCD "packs" that are up right now at SuprNova and I have some questions.


1.) For the Samurai Spirits RPG, there seems to be a crack made for it that removes some kind of protection that would prevent me from playing it. It's a.PRG file and I have no idea how to apply it. Google was no help, so can someone here tell me how to apply the patch/crack?


2.) Some of the games have no CUE file and no Track 01.ISO file. Instead, they just have a folder of the files from the CD data along with the MP3s that make up the rest of the tracks. How the heck am I supposed to go about burning these things?




Edit: One of the games (Samurai Spirits), has a.VCD file for Track 01. </confusion>

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Well, when I burned my SSRPG, I didn't burn the ISO, rather the files themselves.

I replaced the original prg with the "hacked" one.

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