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Secrent agent returns from somewere?


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Sorry i have been away guys!

I have been on a secret ninja trainning mission in some wierd mystical mountains but i couldent find good hideing spots so they kiked me out[Dam ninjaz]

Not really but i had you going hehe[did i?]

For those of you that care i have had problems with the old[very] hard drive and had to re format it quite a few times before it would work again.

I had conflictions and stuff like that all over the place.

I have also been ill i have had a chest and throat infection[green flem all the way hack! tuuueee!!!]

i have also been decorateing my room and purchased a new pc desk and some other stuff that makes my room look cool.

[i got secret money coming in from couloumbian drug lords]

So i have been busey with pukeing, pc problems, finding a job [nooooooo!]hang overs, re decorateing and helping freinds with there cars and selling mine.

Its good to see enigma back as well and im glad everyone is finally at peace with everyone :D

Busey busey busey thats me untill crimbo.

Gc i still have not forgot ok :D

Oh i lost all my links like a moron, on the re format.but i saved all my neo geo stuff no worries hehehehehe.

i gotta catch up with some programmes and some over bits and bats.

All i have learned from my pc dieing is i need a bigger hard drive[getting soon] and i need to be carefull with instaling and uninstalling on a constant basis.

You live and learn[those ninjaz wouldent let me learn, dam there stupid wayz]


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