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Need Help With Zsnes

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There are a couple of bugs that are well, bugging me on ZSNES that i wonder if there's any solution to. Here they are:


-Echo sounds stretching out way too long: On certain games that have echoing sounds or instruments (the gongs in the MK games, the LJN logo on the WWF games, the sound is REALLY messed up on WWF Raw altogether) the echoing of these sounds or instuments streches out way longer than its originally supposed to on the actual games (which i have). It takes a few seconds for the echoes to settle down. This never happened to me on 1.36 (the last official release), why is it happening and how can i fix it (note: this problem also occurs on SNES9x ever since i first started using it,but somehow this problem migrated to ZSNES as well.)? BTW im using the latest WIP (05/08) so im always updating my WIP's.....


-Earthworm Jim 2: I know this game has been a problem as long as i remember with its missing sounds and freezing. (IIRC its been mentioned here before) What exactly is the conflict betwwen this game and the emu and is there any fixing in the forseeable future?


Garbled sprites in Fatal Fury Special,Art Of Fighting 2 & Yu Yu Hakusho Final: In these 3 fighting games the sprites are garbled and look glitched out which is very distracting. Is there anything i can do about it or do i have to wait till its fixed (if possible)?


I myself have been lurking on the ZSNES forums every once in a while but havent made an account..... yet so i hope that either someone could help me here or someone who is a member of the ZSNES forums could mention this over there if it hasnt been already. Thanks :lol::lol: *disappears*

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I've never encountered these problems. It can be many different sources for the conflict so lets try to eliminate the possibilities:


1. It may not be the emu's themselves, there are many bad copies of snes roms lurking out there in the net. Try to get some fresh copies from cherryroms.com


2. It might be the sound configuration you've set it on. Next time you post, tell us the settings you have and what version of zsnes you got.


3. Make sure your roms have good checksums, there should be a little message when you start a rom on either zsnes and snes9x, make note on whether it says

"checksum ok"


Come back with your findings.

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First off, I'm a ZSNES Board member so that should qualify me to be a helper.


To add a few things to NeoMaster's post (which was very good):


About the echoing, do what NeoMaster suggested. However, sound emulation isnt't perfect and things can sometimes change quite drastically when a WIP is updated.

Try fiddling with the sound buffer to see f it has any effect.


Always check your roms with NSRT. Get it here. If NSRT reports a Checksum = bad, find a new copy. I'd suggest checking to all your roms.


Earthworm Jim 2 is buggy because of serious timing issues. Don't expect a fix for this anytime soon.


About the 3 fighting games: Somebody reported sprite priority errors in Art of Fighting a while ago on the ZSNES Board, but I have forgotten the answer. Anyway, check the roms with NSRT.

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Well i DL fresh copies of the aforementioned games and still got the same problem. BTW i have the latest ZSNES WIP as of this time and my sound settings are: sound enabled,stereo sound, 480000 sampling rate,surround sound,and sound buffering. Everything else is unchecked. I tried unchecking sound buffering, no solution. Tried unchecking surround sound,no solution. Tried all the different sampling rates and all the sound filters,no solution. And this was after DL fresh copies of the aforementioned games AND auditing them with NSRT,meaning they were legit. So this means that theres either a problem with the sound emulation (i swear this problem started happening to me after v.1.36, before that i had no such sound problems) or a conflict with my PC.


I dont get it, i mean i have adequate PC specs (1.6 ghz P4,640 MB DDR SDRAM, ATI Rage 128 Pro and integrated sound. Okay the last 2 might suck by my vid card runs ZSNES perfectly with the best GFX settings, only choking on graphically intensive parts. My sound card runs ZSNES with full SFX settings perfectly as well, only having the aforementioned echoing problem. Maybe those games arent well known enough so ill give an example that also happens with a well known game: in Tales of Phantasia when i go from the title screen to the sound test instead of the title screen music fading quickly it echoes and slowly dies down when the former is what happens in the actual game) so what could be wrong. So i see EWJ2 is a work-in-progress (hopefully it will be emulated perfectly) and the 3 fighting games mentioned still have glitchy sprite problems even from before v.1.36.


Agozer, since you said you were a member of the ZSNES boards, i would appreciate it if you would bring these matters to the ZSNES peeps so maybe they can do something about it cuz even though i said it might be conflict with my PC my guess is definitely leaning towards emu issues cuz like i said, this never happened to me until the WIPs started. Thanks and sorry for the long post :P


:) *disappears*

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The Surround Sound option makes echoing even more screwy sometimes. I'd like you to delete the Zsnesw.cfg and Zguicfg.dat and try again (you'll lose your settings though).


If deleting config files doesn't do it, make a topic on the ZSNES board. There are more competent people there than me and I'm sure everything will get sorted out.

I'll see you there.

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