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Pokemon Fire Red, Leaf Green

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Agozer should be like, laying the hitbox on romlinkers in fourms where there isn't suppose to be any links.

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i know that im being a problem but im desperate if anybody can help me get the pokemon roms in english can you send an email to bigbadbeav@hotmail.com or preferably send me a message through this site

We can't and won't help you, since it's against the board rules. Finding rom images isn't hard; just use Google.

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since this is a pokemon thread tell me this...

I got pokemon fire/leaf (U) played 'em quite a bit but then on the same site where I got them 2 new (U) versions apperead for dl saying they we're Pokemon Leaf/Fire 1.1

which I don't get exactly!! Was there something wrong with the first set that I didin't notice?

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The version numbers are simply dump revisions. Someone who originally dumped v1.0 might have done something wrong, resulting in a bug (like one missing graphic tile or something as small) that might not be seen when emulated, but rather when it's played on a copier or on a flash cart.


Take note though that some translations (which is not the case here since the original rom is (U) but anyway) only work with the 1.0 version of the game.


In short, you're fine with the v1.0 you downloaded earlier, unless you find something wrong with it.

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