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Things are looking better


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With the release of r o t d things are looking up.

New sections in the forums and of course for me my website.

The last wek has been a little dissapointing. The arguements the fake poster boys and stuff like that.

Look how it can change in a couple of weeks its mad when you think about it:messed:

Bu things change and thats how it is sometimes.

Bad people do bad things good people do good things and sometimes it goes unreconised.

All im saying is lets enjoy it wile its good.

As arnold scwarzenegger would say

RugaBugaBabyBumpers.[ the last action hero]

:happy: :happy:

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As arnold scwarzenegger would say RugaBugaBabyBumpers


:happy: dude, you are too much! but "Last Action Hero"? come on...:happy:

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One of my favs is kindergarden cop.That film rules.


i have to agree with you there, that movie is funny. "Boys have a p****, and girls have a v*****. classic!:happy:

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Just got micro soft word pro. Should cut my spelling mistakes by half.....At least...


yah, that will do it alright. did you buy it or download it somewhere? ive got a bunch of software that you might find useful in maintaining you website. you can have it if you are willing to download it from me, that is. i know you are only on a dial up connection, so i understand if you cant. but, if you are intrested, just pm me or something and i'll tell you what i have.:happy:

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