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Ps Burning an so on

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I have a ps,I look in Gogle at photos on ps and psx and there the same image but anyway my system says Sony Playstation Ac 120V 60Hz 17W made in japan

Model no-SCPH-1001 NTSC U/C.

Manufactured SKZ KISARAZU JAPAN-October 1996
I looked and read the boot and swap tricks an I have no Ps Cd's,is there anyway a trick can work 4 me or I have 2 buy a boot disk or a original ps disc.

When burning the Cdr it has to be like in a raw format ?

Nero,DiskJuggler 3.5 an Alcahol works best for ps burning games ?

Whats' the best Cd'rs ? I have Maxell,Verbatim an Imation Cd's that I used on my DreamCast but i only have Maxell left.Can I use Maxell Edited by 1InuYasha

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Yes, Maxell will work, Yes, you need an original (you can buy old sports games for like 50 cents now) Yes, i would reccomend burning in RAW/DAO format because it has never failed me, Yes, I use alchohol 120% and Nero for everything, they should work just fine (although i recommend the latest Nero 5.5 over 6)

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Thanks for the Reply!

I guess I will have 2 buy a boot disk.it cost like about 40 dollars.And you said a cheap price on a sports tape.lol,I live in Nassau Bahamas even if stuff is old it still sells at a high price here.I HATE NASSAU BAHAMAS lol

So playstation games get burn just about the same as Dreamcast Games ?

What ps system works best and doesn't have 2 put in alot of effort 2 play burned games ? Is it the old modules or the new smaller system modules ?

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