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Zsnes Wip

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ZSNES February 13 WIP has been released

Here's whats new

Added path setup window [Nach]
Chip configuration window added [Pagefault]
Added chip config window [Nach]
Added support for Same Game add-ons to use Same Game base. [Nach]
Added support for Sufami Turbo - but only one cart for now. [Nach]
Cleaned up Base+Add on code. [Nach]
Fix 5th joystick in windows port [Pagefault]
Fixed 60hz mode [Pagefault]
Fixed a config file corruption bug if ROM doesn't load correctly. [Nach]
Fixed checksum and CRC32 on add on ROMs. [Nach]
Fixed config drop down box, documented it. [Nach]
Fixed G-Next pack Checksum calculation. [Nach]
Fixed loading another ROM after previous ROM didn't load. [Nach]
Fixed mapping issue. Added support for SD Gundam GX add ons. [Nach]
Fixed SPC initialization issue, fixes Panic Bomber Worlds and others [Pagefault]
Fixed SRAM issue. [Nach]
Fixed syntax bug. [Nach]
Fixed ZSNES crash/bad exit, if ROM fails to load. [Nach]
Made handling of base cart paths more logical codewise. [Nach]
Oops, couldn't save more than one SPC per game before, fixed. [Nach]
SETA ST010 Support (Thanks The Dumper!) [Pagefault]
Update documentation [Pagefault]
Using SamB's idea. [Nach]

Get it [url="http://ipher.emuhost.com"]here[/url].

If a mod feels like pinning this, please do. Edited by Agozer

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New ZSNES WIP is out again. Here's what's new:

Added Darkfalz's aspect ratio code. [Nach]
A couple things for the start of beos compatibility. [theoddone33]

(The date should be 3/12/04, but the developers forgot to release on the set date and funked up the year...Oh well. :lol: )

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