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random guy

The state of the scene...

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Seeing as many people here seems to think emulation lived and died with the cps2/Neo Geo, I decided to post a thread containing progress on all new emulators.

It is in this format - [b] Name [/b] [i] (system emulated) [/i] info...<[u] website [/u]>.

[b] Icarus [/b] [i] (DreamCast) [/i] seems to be making great progress, there is a page of screenshots [url="http://www.robpol86.com/_pages/icarus/index.php"]here[/url], but I can't access them. Many games are emulated, but current framerate is 5-10fps. They seem to be getting close to a public release < [url="http://boob.co.uk/cgi-bin/ikonboard3/ikonboard.cgi?s=402b106f4e3dffff;act=SF;f=10"]http://boob.co.uk/cgi-bin/ikonboard3/ikonb...fff;act=SF;f=10[/url] >

[b] Dolphin [/b] [i](GameCube) [/i] everyone should have noticed the release of a public preview of this emu. Bust-a-move is fully playable, others playable with glitches
< [url="http://www.dolphin-emu.com"]http://www.dolphin-emu.com[/url] >

[b] PCSX2 [/b] [i](PlayStation 2) [/i] seems to be making good progress, but not upto dolphin's progress. However, a half dozen or so games make it to the gameplay screen
< [url="http://www.pcsx2.net"]http://www.pcsx2.net[/url] >

[b] ZinC [/b] - [i](Sony ZN-1) [/i] - Okay, I know this one isn't new. In fact, unfortunately, ZinC is nearing the end of its life, however by version 1 new games will be emulated. They seem to have given up on tekken tag though. Hopefully the authors will release the source code so that this emulator can be worked on after the authors stop. < [url="http://www.emuhype.com"]http://www.emuhype.com[/url] >

[b] Modeler [/b] [i](Sega Sytem 32/ Model 1)[/i]. This emulator is worked on by the ZinC crew (I think). This emulator is making good progress, however 3D polygons do not as of yet show up. When the Sys32 emulation is done, the authors want to add the whole system 32 code over to MAME then continue work on the Model 1 part.
< [url="http://www.emuhype.com"]http://www.emuhype.com[/url] >.

[b] Nebula Model 2 [/b] [i](Sega Model 2) [/i]. This is a nebula port for Sega Model 2 games. At the moment it is quite buggy (it crashes when I try to change to "system memory" but can run a fair number of games.
< [url="http://nebula.emulatronia.com"]http://nebula.emulatronia.com[/url] >.

[b] Supermodel [/b] [i](Sega Model 3) [/i]. I'm quite excited about this one, it will emulate some new Sega arcade titles (Virtua fighter 3 was a model 3 game). The authors claim to be not close to a public release, but the screenshots prove otherwise (I hope) ! :D
< [url="http://www.system16.com/model3"]http://www.system16.com/model3[/url] >

[b] ??? [/b] [i] (CPS3) [/i] the only people that seem to be working on furthering this cause were those french dudes we pissed off over Kof2k3...so I'm guessing this is on hold for a while.


Okay that's about it...please note that I have nothing to do with these projects, if you are better connected and have some more concrete news please post here. Also, if you have some news about other emulators I have missed, also feel free to add them to the list. Edited by random guy

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Most Model 1 games on Modeler do not work good (graphic glitches)...R. Belmont is supposedly working on this (Whenever he has time from M1). Wow....Random Guy, you're really going all out in the ZiNc board. :D Edited by Agozer

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Yeah, I'm quite a fan of ZinC... well I'm impressed that it can run faster than my PSX emulators. I know it doesn't have as many features, but when you have a pc like mine, its all about speed!

...and I want to save ZinC! Edited by random guy

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Yeah, I wouldn't mind see it go strong...but what can you do if the source code is locked out... Besides, I'm not educated in programming enought to even know how to improve the Dynamic Compiler and the speed even further. :D

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