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N64 Mods


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Does anyone know of any good mods i can do to my N64? ive already overclocked it to nearly 3X its speed with an adjusting switch, (Normal, 2X, and 3X) and i wanna know if anyone knows any other worthwhile mods, because i have this useless extra N64 and i have no idea where the hell it came from...but oh well....works for me!!!!


PS. Pefect dark runs somewhat decently on it now!! yay!!! (remember how chunky that game ran? hehe)

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hehe, yeah, i actually could maybe if they derived enough power from a raw power souce (no AC Adaptor thingy) then i would leave the remaining power to the N64 (almost none hehe) and it would be the right voltage!!!


(in theory, with the right adjustments, this would work, but i dont think ill actually try it)

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