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C64 games on 2 cd-roms - is it worth it?


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I keep seeing ads for 15,000 commodore games on 2 cd-roms from a British company for something like $40.00. Has anyone purchased this collection? Is it worth paying the money versus just downloading the roms? Are there any websites out there where I could download a game collection, or a bunch of games at once, instead of individually tracking down roms?



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The consensus of C64 scenesters is that you should save your money. The best collection is called GameBase 64 and is freely distributed among people willing to make copies for you. You might give them money for blank CDs and postage, depending on the arrangement you agree at.


You might also be able to get the collection through file sharing.


Read the forum at:



Also, the forum at www.lemon64.com has plenty of people willing to help you get the collection. (I'm still waiting for my CDs to come in the mail, or else I'd offer to send you copies.)

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