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Most anticipated games of 04


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Virtua Cop 3 was released for arcades in 03


I want...


Halo 2


Half Life 2


Doom 3


Driver 3


Resident Evil 4


Probably Doom 3 the most, then Halo 2, then Half-life 2, then Resident Evil 4, then Driver 3


Why did i put them in that order? Beucase of how fast they are going to sell out, when i get Doom 3 im going to have to spend 3 entire nights in the parking lot of the Best Buy there will be so many people there


Halo 2 will clear off in about 5 minutes because of all the stupid rich kiddies whos mommies stay there 8 HOURS BEFORE THE STORE OPENS....this is how my bratty ass neigbor got Halo 1


Half-Life 2 will be all over the internet 20 days before it comes out -_- so no rush for that, no wait, its already on the net...


Resident evil 4 because its going to be released way later than the others


Driver 3 because it doesnt excite me as much as the others even though it will rule

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