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kof series..

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Hey guys,

i was just wondering if u guys experience the same problem as i do. I use nebula for kof 2002 and mame special edition for 2003 and i cant do Super Desperation moves :) Its not that i cant input the directions and buttons for it, its just that when i press the 2 buttons eg A + C they dont register... it only does the desperation move. I cant seem to do 2 buttons at once. i have tryed using the hotkeys as well, but that didnt work for me ethier. Does anyone else experience this? If anyone knows a solution please reply




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you do know that SDM's have become LDM's (so can only be done by your team's leader character) )in 2003 right? Okay, just checking!!




To set up multiple keys (in mame) just press enter on the buttons you want to setup (in this case a and c) and add another key or joypad button in with that.


so for a+c to work you'd need to change button 1 [A] to say, numpad 8 and then change button 3 [C] to numpad 8 also.


mame's menu should then show that you have button 1 set to numpad 1 and numpad 8. Then in game, if you pressed numpad 8 at the end of your motion you'd get a perfect press of A+C.


You can have any combinations of buttons (and any amount in my experience) as long as you know what you've set each thing to.


I have a+b+c, b+c+d, b+c, and c+d set to the shoulder butttons on a PS pad. you can surmise for yourself the amount of effort required to set thet lot up.... B)

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