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How About This Story!


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Right about two years ago i was this US show.

it was something like "murder dectives", you know the sort.

well it had this part about people in a snowy part of the USA getting shot in the forest at night BUT there was only their tracks found in the snow.

so, this goes on for a couple of years a regular intervals and the police have no idea whats happening.


untill one day, some police officer THINKS he works it out (eg this might not be true no evidence at all)


the murders happened when the circus comes to town (cue grainy footage of people walking though town)


and i kid you not


focuses in on a CLOWN! in slits!

they reckcon this guy stood on his stilts at night with a gun, in a forrest on stilts ran after people and shot them in the head


thus no foot prints!


this clown guy never came back again!


Right if someone had told me this i wouldn't believe it but it was on tv :lol:


so i have looked on the net for urban ledgends and such things but never found out

about it


so does anyone know anything about it?

it was one of those seroius tv shows not a "worlds craziest jay walkers with guns show!"


EDIT(thanks Weirdanzeige :)) i did not make it clear this was a documentry type show not a fictional one

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