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The IGS Poly Game Master

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Recently, I got into the arcade console of the IGS Poly Game Master. I don't own the system, I've just played some of the games in Nebula. I looked around, and there wasn't really any information on it, unlike the NEO-GEO, CPS-1, CPS-2, etc., so I came here with a few questions.

1. What games were released for it? I know that there weren't that many, but I'm pretty sure that there are more that aren't emulated. Have they just not been released, or is it not possible to play them yet?

2. How might I "dump" some of these games to the computer if I got the cartridge? What kind of equipment might I need? Its probably way out of my proce range, but I'm just curious.

3. Anyone have any general information on the system?

4. Which emulators are currently able to play any games from this system? The only ones I know of are Nebula and MAME.

Any information would be appreciated.

Sorry for the noob-like questions, but I really could not find anything about this.

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