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Ripping Dreamcast Games

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I dont really know anything but what i do know is that you need coder cables to do it, they sell for like $40 on ebay but you can find them cheaper on the web, lil'sibathedog should know how to rip them, but he says it's a difficult process. :D

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yeah you need a coders cable (at lik-sang for like 30 bucks i think) This links you DC to the PC and allows your PC to use you DC as an External GD-ROM drive


then you get the program and their USUALLY not THAT hard but it depends on the game, after you do this you must wait, a REALLY long time, because of the type of cable it takes FOREVER, when i ripped Skie Of Arcadia for a friend it literally took 11+ hours just for disc one


its not even worth it, just download your games, even if you own it and want to just copy it, the download wil be faster, i would only bother with this if its for a game that has never been ripped (i think im going to hunt down bleemcast and rip it correctly, i dont see why is hasnt been already, it took me like 1 hours tops to figure out how to rip correctly every game ive ripped)

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