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how does one do this...


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does anybody know how to add support for roms, i know about downloading a loader but adding more files than that. i find different loaders load different games i wan't to download all the games i have, like i have kof2001 and it works for one verison kawaks loader but it does not for another, thanks.


basically i want to add support for samsho5 which one loader has but the other doesn't and the one that has it can't play my kof2k1.



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What you can do is open the "asr" file with notepad. Within the file you find the info that makes games availiable in the list for kawaks when you open it. Copy/Paste the game you want to be availiable and put it in your main kawaks "asr" file. Sound confusing? Here is an example:


Take for instance that version A of kawaks can load kof2001 but version B can't. However, version B can load kof2002 which version A isn't capable. To fix this you have to combine some info. Lets say you want to add kof2002 to version A of kawaks. Go into the version B folder and open the "asr" file with notepad. Find the info for kof2002, copy it. Now go back to version A folder and open that "asr" file and paste the info at the bottom or something.


Or the most simple way you can do it is just download a dat already containing this stuff. :)

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