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What is the most unusual game you've ever played

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ijtf is right, I was thinking of strictly nintendo games, but I don't hate on people for mentioning other systems. Really with the amount of roms and emulators out there we need some way to review games that may have slipped between the cracks. usually on a best game list you find the same ten or fifteen games and using the words unusual and weird was hopefully a way of getting people to talk about some other games. if anyone feels that this would thrive better in the current affairs section feel free to start another one there I would suggest maybe calling it Cult Classic Games or something. But the ball does seem to be rolling in this forum and i would hate to see it shoot out into a hundred different system forums were nobody would be active or get lost in the shuffle of "how do I get" or "when does kof200x come out?" posts. (i'm not hating on kof but if you look through the forums there are too many redundant posts on snk titles (yes they are cool, but fighting fans need to learn to use the search bar)).

Tempo32X was great by the way, thanks to whoever posted that one.


SNES game: Bastardani(bunch of japenese words) translated game so the cussing is just attention getting but underneath this is an unusual fighting/rpg style game.


chester chettah-since when do food logos get their own platformer? anyone no of any others (a count chocula game would be awesome).

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SNES game: Bastardani(bunch of japenese words) translated game so the cussing is just attention getting but underneath this is an unusual fighting/rpg style game.

Isn't that just "Bastard!"?

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Probably - Bastard was an anime series, but I have never played the game.


Weirdest game I would have played for SNES was probably Captain Tsubasa. This is a soccer game, there are 11 or so incarnations on the NES, SNES, SegaCD, Playstation, GBA, GB and probably more I haven't even even heard of. The weird thing about this soccer game is instead of the usual view of above the players, the view is centred in on the person who has the ball (ie it looks like he is running towards the screen), and instead of having buttons to pass shoot etc... instead you run for a while and when you want to do something, you press any button and this menu comes up with the choices of what to do (after fifteen minutes with a katakana list I could work out words like "shooto" and "duribble" (these are the phonetic translations, I'm not being racist).


When you kick something, it flashes to a series of anime-style screens, for example if a defender is coming and you choose to shoot, first there will be the animation of you trying to outflank the defender, if you succeed it will go to an animation of a ball flying through the air and any players nearby will jump up and get a chance to intercept it. If you get it past them, there will be the animation of your ball vs the goalie and if the ball manages to get into the goals - you've scored!


I can't really describe it and there is more to it (like some people have special kicks), but I just recommend that you get one of the many versions floating around (4 for SNES). Elsewhere in the forum I have posted links to many of the games, but they are pretty easy to find. If anybody wants to play any of these game and can't find them just pm me.


A little tip: Captain Tsubasa J is a little different than the others as you have arcade-y sequences (for example if you go to tackle the ball you have to tap a key repeatedly to build up power - the same for when you attempt to shoot etc...)


EDIT: I forgot to mention that there have been various translation attempts for Captain Tsubasa games. The only one I've seen complete in English is for Tsubasa 1 (and that is a NES game) but if you find any other translations, please let me know


ps, I am fairly sure Bastard was called that way because of bastard swords, not out of any shock value

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Bastard!Ankoku no Hakai-shin: don't know about the anime, but it is a cool game. the bastard in the title isn't what i was talking about, when you play the game gratious(sp?) swearing abounds, not that it's nerve racking or anything, but that's not what makes it unusual. Agozer is probably right and it's really just Bastard.


Zombie nation (nes) this must be some kind of japanese thing, you're like a flying samaurai zombie head in some shooter style game. pretty cool

PS (if anyone can find and post the box art for this i'll give them much props, it's really cool)-

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