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Following mer-curious changes I had to update the translations, that's where I discovered that I lost the spanish translator mail (he didn't leave it in the header of the translation file as he should have !). And the Italian didn't reply yet. I took the opportunity to improve the french translation which I stopped way too early, but I won't be able to fix all the translations alone. The last active translator except me is the Brazilian Portuguese one ! (and it's not mer-curious !).

Anyway it's not an emergency, in the worst case, the spanish and italian versions might see a few surprises appear in the next release... !

edit : actually the errors for the spanish and italian versions were because of some old text changes which were never propagated to the translations, not related to the recent changes. I finally updated both with the help of google translate, luckily it's just about very short texts so it should be ok, and it's better than an obviously bad translation !

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The french translation is finally more complete than ever, I had only started it before, but never ended it, I prefer the english version because the keyboard shortcuts use the beginning of the displayed strings, and the beginnings are all the same in french !

But anyway it's the biggest update to the translations since their creation in 2015. The most annoying part to translate is also probably the least used one : the dipswitches !!! The cheats are mostly untranslated because they depend on external files, and no I don't plan to add anything to translate this, there's a minimum english level to have here... !

Same remark for history, external file so can't be translated and it would be crazy.

And the console remains untranslated, it's some dev work after all and most of the dev stuff is in english !

Except that all is translated, and quite a lot more than before for the french version !

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