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Raine 0.94.3 : leds !


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This one is mainly for linux since these leds emulation can't be done in windows, description in the forum there :

The other small improvements :
 - fixed a big bug where games with more than 1 cpu of the same type like darius would break during the intro behind the menu. This one has been there for a long time, so either nobody played with these old games, or they didn't bother to report it !
 - Improvement to sound associations for rbff2

 - command.dat included is shorter which makes a smaller archive (removed useless stuff).
 - Also for some unknown reason, command.dat was bundled with the windows version, but not the linux version ! It's now fixed, and it's in git too.

I have hesitated quite a lot to add this leds emulation thinking it would not be very useful, but in the end it's fun to see working, and it was quite easy to do, so no regret, it's just too bad it's not used by more games !


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