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run & gun 1/2


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hi everyone.......as in the topic....i'm wondering about run & gun emulation, i've downloaded that rom long time ago....but i never mamanged to play it, i've tryed with all the sets available the parent and the 2 clones but when it loads at the first screen when it does the memory check it fails to load eep rom 35e while everything else is ok and gets into a loop, it start the memory check once again over and over...

another strange thing

when i double click on the parent rom on mame, and it analize the romsets, popups a window where is written that 247-a05 rom needs redump, and waits for a a confirmation to run the game anyway.....


oh..another question...is run & gun 2 emulated or not?


if anyone can help it would be appreciated


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well run and gun 2 doesn't work but run and gun does work very good on mame v078. what you have to do is when load it up just hit ok to get by that redump question then at the eprom check hold F2 then press F3 like one or two times. then when rom loads again it will load up. to play 2 player always choose play independtly then once you start playing just have the other person join.

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