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  1. please can anyone help me with this? anyone got the same problem?
  2. hi everyone.......as in the topic....i'm wondering about run & gun emulation, i've downloaded that rom long time ago....but i never mamanged to play it, i've tryed with all the sets available the parent and the 2 clones but when it loads at the first screen when it does the memory check it fails to load eep rom 35e while everything else is ok and gets into a loop, it start the memory check once again over and over... another strange thing when i double click on the parent rom on mame, and it analize the romsets, popups a window where is written that 247-a05 rom needs redump, and waits for a a confirmation to run the game anyway..... oh..another question...is run & gun 2 emulated or not? if anyone can help it would be appreciated thanx
  3. i advice u to search somewhere to download a neogeo bios, and put it into the rom directory of your kawa-x the file that the emu can't load are bios files so just do this or search for this files into the roms.zip and rename them as they told ya i asking again is it normal that in metal slug 4 and kof 2002 is not supported console mode? please help
  4. ok i think i know quite everything i need thanx a lot for the help
  5. well i don't really have that prob with emulators and for the moment i can effort the disk space, so i think i'll take encrypted sets, for the prototypes, the other garou sets (non prototypes) are just fixed prototype dumps or have been dumped by the final boards?
  6. a last question when a find a set labeled prototype...what does it mean?
  7. wow! that's very exhausive!! thanx a lot! the only thing i don't understand is that sometimes i find roms labeled non-encrypted for example on www.playagain.com if u look at the kof98 clones u'll find one named kof(98 non encrypted) that caused me a lot of confusion. anyway another doubt cought me after your answer u told me that sometimes it happen that fully decrypted roms happen to have graphical glitches or similar and thats caused by the decryption so...since kawaks doesn't need to have fully decrypted roms, maybe to be shure of the most fidelity possible i should use encrypted sets... am i wrong???
  8. actually i'm not in the position of choosing since i'm not really aware of the differences between this emulators considering the mere neo-geo roms..... for example do this emus works with the same dumps? and if not...wich are the differences between the dumps. and more...the true differences betweeb fast and slow emulators? please vote and describe your vote a bit more!! it will be usefull!
  9. this is the same i do for mame, but sometimes parent neogeo roms aren't fully decrypted...doesn't it mean that some features are unable? lile some graphics or modes?? and what is the difference between a fully decrypted rom or a non-encrypted one?
  10. can really nobody help me with this?...i know it's probably a lame question but please i just need an advice!
  11. well......i fear to look a great lamer asking this but...well....who cares.... it's 2 days that i'm putting order to my romsets with romcenter and i came across this doubt.... wich romset is better to have??? i've found that i have many different romsets of the same game like kof 98 or kof 99 and many others and i have a lot of definitions like not encrypted, fully decrypted, prototype...and many others..... well...usually for mame games i try to download the parent rom of any gameset unless it's japanese in that case i try with a more language-friendly clone...but i was wondering about what is better to have for neo-geo games.....and wich are the differences for example between a kof 99 not encrypted and a kof 99 prototype sorry for the lame question but i'm a bit confused thanx for the help... iori
  12. first of all thanx to anyone for the help!! i've finally got all the banned roms to work and that's great!!! i just have a doubt both kof 2k2 and metal slug 4 don't support console mode.....is that normal? or did i got some wrong roms? and if yes which ?
  13. thanx a lot! finally i've found some of the original roms and plus i'm gettin' to work svc, rotd, and metal slug4 i have to try the other games just a question it's me or in rotd is there an error that doesn't let u see the energy bars ??
  14. yhea.......my only prob is that i'm from italy and i have fastweb and i have many problems to get into foreign hubs.......that's why i don't use it much sorry to bother anyone
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