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Samurai Shodown III (neogeo cd) - "soft dips" glitches


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Hi everyone. I don't know if the error is from the game "Samurai Shodown III" (neogeo cd version) or from the emulator, but when I go to the options and try to enter "soft dips" I see graphical errors in the words of those options. I attach a photo with the error. Greetings!

SSIII neogeocd.jpg

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Nice find, well there's probably something weird here, but I can only confirm I have the same problem, for now I can't really look into it, deep inside sdl2 now... !

All I can say is samsho4 has correct soft dips.

Ok, I took the time to look into this : it's probably a bug from samsho3 neocd, I guess they were mainly interesting by the Japanese strings, but not so much by the international ones. The specs say these strings should be 12 characters long, padded with spaces, apparently they used tabs sometimes to separate theirs, and maybe a / too in one of the bottom choices.

Anyway, I added something to cope with at least the tab, which makes most of the strings readable, much better like that, now you just have to wait until I get something out of the sdl2 build (for now, just a very basic gui test program, but it's a start at least !).

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