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Porting Raine to Android

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Hey Tux, would it be possible to port the neogeo cd emulation part of raine to Android?, seeing as thier is no other emulator available.


Btw i've been trying too ask this question for 2 years now due too ¿strange website behavior?


P.S best Neo Geo Cd emu around *thumbs up*


~ Stevacus

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2 years, wow !

Raine is not really portable in its current state, using too much asm for that.

It's better than before though, you can choose to use a c version of the video functions now, and there is a partially working z80 C emulator (not all the functions are done so it can't work with all drivers). But you would still need some 68000 C emulator, so it's possible but not easy, you would have to be very motivated.

I gave the idea a try some time ago, maybe 2 years ago actually, to experiment with emscripten and to see what could be done with it. I got some unexpected problems with sdl first, so you could add to that 1st convert raine to sdl2... !

So it's quite a daunting task, I gave up for now.

I'd suggest trying mame for android for this, they use only C so they are portable at least.

But I am not sure an emulator is a very good idea on some android device, it would eat the battery very fast, and virtual controls on screen are probably less convenient than real controls...

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Thanks for the response Tux, it's cool you made an effort around the time i thought about an android port. Hopefully one day this will become a reality. Anyways are you aware of moga pro controllers? They are like xbox and connect using bluetooth with a charging battery inside too juice a device.

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Nope, still using a ps3 sixaxis controller here, it also can be used like an xbox controller using some software converter for all these games which know only about xbox controllers (I guess microsoft used something to convert games from consoles to windows, but doing anything to change the controls... !).

It works well, one of the best part of the ps3 !

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