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I just built a "docker" package for raine, just for fun, to see if was possible. The idea was also to investigate about the "universal package format" some people talk about right now.

Some guys did it for mame, but they didn't try to do it well, they just took the debain base image, installed the debian package for mame and voilà, nothing more.

I started from a totally blank image to see how small I could make it.

Well it ends up around 97 Mb if using busybox, and 90 Mb without, but it would probably require busybox to run correctly the console. That's uncomparable to the standard archives of course, the trick is to package all dependancies, direct or undirect, so it becomes big quite quickly.

End result : it can be executed as a normal user with audio and video acceleration, tested on a good intel video card, not the nvidia but it should be possible on nvidia too.

There is a windows docker version but it's not intended to run games, it would probably not work well with this.

I don't think it's worth releasing anything because most people would probably never even use docker, but it was fun to try ! :)

But hey, it's still something universal which could run on any linux distribution, assuming you install docker and know how to use it, not too bad...!


(I wanted to go for the "snappy" packages first, but it requires systemd, and I don't want systemd).


Oh yeah the mame package was 377 Mb, so it's smaller of course, considering the method used it's no surprise there.


edit : Finished to play with this. I did it first on the laptop with an integrated intel card and it works great.

But it's not so great on the main computer with a proprietary driver for the nvidia. Apparently the mesa drivers are more tolerant for this kind of play, too bad... It's not too bad though, the good old normal blits still work well and the yuv overlays too even if the screen is less sharp than with opengl.

That's the main drawback of this kind of package, it needs to include all the drivers and there are lots of different hardwares out there. But still it was great trying it !

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