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RPGmaker2003 pros/legend. help me if u will

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this is meant for those who know the system will.

i made two maps. my problem is that everytime i renter either floor they retsart all the events in them. how do i end events permantly. and leave those that need not be erase as they r

also. how do i make a person say "hello. heres a potion" i recieve the potion. and then make that part gone forever. so that the nest time to talk to them they say only "hello'. and stay that way until i choose to change it.



how would this be done. i want to make the 2nd floor door(which is an event) do this as i try to go down to 1st floor... :'a message appears and i fight a monster.":.. after it. i return to the door and the entance only say 'go down' or 'stay'. and forever it will stay that way... no more fighting the creature. even if i re-enter the room. or is that not possible?


did i already make this example?... oh will


yes i have dedicated myself to RPgmake and MUGEN and others for some days now. constantly. almost 24/7

oh will. nothing inportant to do anywayz

ill be praying for ur safe replys on helping me. if anyz

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