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hey GameCop. i need ur help

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u seem to be a real Cop on this forum.

i have a problem with the MUGEN program. (im new at all this creating ur own game thing)

i have the 'MUGEN intaller'. i install it. but it wont work. says on black screen "color detph and sothing doesnt work" im using a windows XP.

iv heard of the new patch V1.03. i even read the thread u created about it.

u say it helps the MUGEN work on XP. but i downloaded the patch. and while installing it. a message at the end says it corrupted. help me out


also how do i start the game and all

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i know i just posted that today.

but funniely and sadly i was in the black sceen of MUGEN agian... and i realize. it asks me if i want to change color size whatever. i press 'Y' and the game for the first time started. i was mad and laughting in my head. it say vs mode and others. but i see only kungfuman;s face. i cant do anything. it wont let me play. help me out.

so does this mean that MUGEN is working perfectly. even though i havent added the V1.03 patch. let me know. and if its good. should iadd the patch anyways?...


so i download few charaters CAMMY and CHUNLI. but what am i soppost to do. i downloaded some more earlier on in other days but they somehow disappear... (whatha)


wondering... is 2D fighter related to this MUGEN. can u tell me is they the same or different. give me some info on them aight. thankz man. i hope u help me out

and dam... i downloaded some sprite for 2D fighter maker ealier on. do they work with MUGEN too?

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oh man...

still got qeustions.

they say unzip kungfuman into chrs/kfm. i dont nkow what they mean beceause i dont have him zipup. what am i soppost to do. do they mean just drap all his pictures into chars/kfm?


what other questions?...


if u know RPGMAKER2003. and is a pro at it. let me know cause ineeds a little help on it.


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