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Artwork + Overlays + Cheat + Command list

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Dear all,


Hope someone could help me to use those features on Raine:


1/ Artworks

Quite broken with the opengl driver, works with overlays and normal blits though, use the artworks from the extras in the downloads section.

2/ Overlays

Do you mean the yuv overlays ? Well they work out of the box normally, it's just a rendering engine like opengl.

3/ Cheat engine

What about it ? Works also out of the box when cheats are avilable for a particular game. In this case the "action replay cheats" appears in the main menu, there is also the Alt-C short cut to call directly thsi from inside a game (it's a default shortcut if I remember well).

There was a long post in the old forum about how to find new cheats yourself, but afaik it was never used by anyone so it's clearly not worth reposting it here.

4/ Command list

Same thing, available only for a few games, when it's there you can use it.

Thanks a lot. Hope to hear from you asap.

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The artworks in raine were simply to fill the black borders in vertical games !

ssrpg is a horizontal game, no black borders, so no artwork neeeded there. (I am not a fan of artworks which make the displayed picture of the game smaller or which hide a part of it).

There are some cheats for ssrpg.

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Sorry about the osx build, the guy is "mia", I send mails, they never get any reply.

Too busy.

And I don't have any mac here so I can't have a look at it !

Maybe he'll come back one day, but not now, sorry !

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