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Video editing software. Which frikking one out of a bazillion?


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I've been getting back into video editing for my site.


I dont think any free ones can handle what Im trying to do, it will hopefully come out 720p/1080p in xvid/divx.

But anyway things I need from it:


1. Mutli channel editing.


I must be able to dip and raise the sound in the channels.

Also I must be able to overlap sound effects and music and a voice over.


2. Something that I can pump fully pre ripped movies into and cut quickly and save at a sensible bit rate to various codecs. (Usually 1080p im not asking the world at blu ray infinitum.)



3. If you know of any free ones that could handle this let me know!


If not, which one should I aim for?


I run windows 7 64bit, and my videos will most likely be comedy/spoofs of existing films.



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