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Islam - its causing tension in areas of the UK.


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Morning 1emu.


I'd just like to aware you that another child abuse scandal has emerged in Rottherham.



Our media seem to be shifting slightly from total blackouts or minimal coverage to actually noticing these things are linked directly to Islam.

For the past few years "right wing" have been banging their pots and pans over abuse and steadily all over the country people are aware that local councils, local governments, and the media are a bunch of lying fucks. If not for social media and the internet we wouldn't have a clue.


What happens with these child grooming cases is that we are that politically correct and restrained that instead of directly calling communities out our gutless politicians remain silent, and councillors and local child workers (the ones supposed to be protecting vulnerable kids) go in to the politically correct mode and won't touch it as in Islam is a taboo subject and this type of behavior is considered acceptable or even normal when reading from the koran. In a nutshell, these people who are supposed to protect the vulnerable dare not say anything because it will get them fired, and be are likely to be called racist.


Obviously I'm not one sided and I am fully aware that lots of Muslims are normal folk, but I ask the question, if you are a British Muslim why do your community leaders remain silent and do not approach this subject that needs addressing? Would that be admitting there is a problem too ugly to face?


If there was a community of people abusing Muslim children you can only imagine the rage and uproar from the Muslim community.

But when its our kids, our children its silence. And it has been for the past 5 years or more.


If the British Muslim communities and our government don't start addressing this issue, it will only cause more resentment and lower trust further, we don't want that, we want the abusers brought to justice, we want the Muslim community to weed out this evil within its ranks and expose it. If you do nothing, if our gutless politicians refuse to do something, then you will only fuel alternative means.


If a country cant look after its kids then whats the fucking point.


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