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Trailer park boys - just got the entire set.


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I know im behind but I find this show funny as just about anything I have ever seen.


That randy guy who just walks round with his shirt off all the time. :lol:

It reminds me a little of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenix_Nights



Do Canadians really say about "aboot" hahahahaha!


I know im Yorkshire and we sound like severe retards to the rest of the world but "aboot" wtf!



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I have the set too!


Randy don't wear a shirt cause he's an ex male prostitute.

They just made a movie I think it's their 4th now. TPB: Don't legalize it


Hilarious show!

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I just started the first season but a movie is before that with the look of what I downloaded.

Ends with some guy shooting at this dude with a dog.


When they rob the store and ricky is a fucking spaz and walks in, that dude with glasses opens up with an Uzi. :rofl:

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