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Updating to windows 7 64 bit help.


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I installed windows 7 32bit about 9 months ago, and I got this weird start up glitch.

It took a while to get the installation disk to suck to the hard drive, and then it would go to boot and restart the loop of installing again.

After a few attempts it gave me a different BIOS screen, so now everytime I boot i haver to hammer F12 to get a choice of boot options.

It does not matter if I set the boot disc in BIOS it still does the same thing, i only have one hard drive connected so its strange it cant find it unless i manually hit F12 and then i get a few options.





I just grabbed a BIOS update for this motherboard and it wont run i just get a "stopped working" as soon as I click it, all that in the update is a "F12 FILE" "AUTOEXC" and a "FLASHSPI" application.


Whats going on?

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