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Civilisation 5 - addictive.

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I got this a while back but didn't bother with it too much.

Well I fired it up a few days ago and jumped straight in and I have to say its quite an enjoyable game.

I had like 3 settlements built and this douche bag sends in his army and takes it over while im still shifting troops over to back it up.


Anyway after a while I built up enough stuff to have a go and getting my settlement back, then the guy was all like "when will this war end? lets us have peace" WTF!

I then made a vast army and ruined his shit.

Sounds boring but i dont know why it keeps me playing, anyone else play this.

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I havn't really been a fan of civilization since part 2. It got overly complicated after that.

I'll download civ 5 and give it a try just for you emsley!


Nice one.

Its a time killer if you are bored.

Some of the maps are huge, too much to take in and take care of if you ask me.

Keep it to smaller maps if you can, im the japs and I just got passed samurai and upgraded to rifle men, took down nelson and ceaser.

Im gonna have to burn some of the cities down as im clicking too much stuff!

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Ok so I've been playing for the weekend, I got the gods and kings expansion.


The maps are amazing, YOU WILL spend a lot of time fortifying your towns but that's ok because it's hard to take a town.

I have been told I'm a builder! The water battles are kind of hard to win, I'm 2 for 10 :(

My biggest hate in the game is that the CPU will call a truce and then blow up everything you've built...bastard.


Still it's a great game. Killed sometime from planetside 2.

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