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Android port of ds2key?


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Thank you very much for this piece of software, I have used it a number of different times with great success, and recommend it to people who are looking for gamepads to buy.


I wonder if it would be feasable for an Android port of the DS2Key server software. Being able to use my NDS as a gamepad for my Android phone would be great, and the top screen would make a perfect cradle for it with a little duct tape ;). The Android OS also let's you configure it as a wifi hotspot, so it could be used when you're away from a router on some devices. I understand the Android SDK is free, based on Linux and uses Java, so would a port to Android even be possible?


Thanks again!

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I too have fantasized about mounting my android to my old ds phat, and I don't believe it would be too difficult to implement the server on android. I could have outdated facts but I don't believe dswifi is capable of connecting to hotspots, so you'd still require a router. Sadly I don't believe I'll release a server for android, it's been months since I've been able to work on it, but it might happen. If anyone wants the source code of the last released versions, they are still on google code.

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Possibly the same could be achieved with DS2Key Client on NDS > DS2Key Server on PC > Synergy Server on PC > Synergy Client on Android, until some aspiring developer decides to port something like this over.


There is DS VNC, and there are VNC servers for Android (that require rooting your phone), so that may be another way to go as well.


Thanks anyways, I appreciate the response!

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