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Need help with link trading. I have been to many sites on google and tried the fixes they suggested to others. The one I found on this forum was to connect 2 computers i tried it anyways but i still always get link error message when i enter the trade room. I am trying to trade pokemon ruby or emerald. any help would be appreciated.

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I kinda figured out how to do it. It works when i try it over and over again 30 times wich is good enough for me but, i was playing rom version 1.7.2 before i downloaded the 1.8 version for the link. When I try to load any o the save files from 1.7 the screen glitches and freezes says aom file not supported. After it pops up the first time i ca't close the emulater or the error screen. I was wandering if anyone knew or could find out how to load it. Or if it's even possible. (Made it really far without cheats and don't want to go through any of it again)

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