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What's your fav food?

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HAHAHA Lets see


Hamburgers #1


Does Cheese Cake count?


Then in no particular order


Shepherds Pie


Pasta in general

Baked beans with lots of buttered bread

Eggs in a basket


Chicken (white meat) or bar style wings n legs


Bananas, grapes and most other fruits

Nuts (especially the local wasabi peanuts)



Dude I love food...

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ems can you make a proper yorkshire pudding




Flour, egg, milk, salt and pepper - Your tins for the mix need to be oiled a little - heat the feckers up as hot as you can get it in the ovan, pour the batter in the pots (or one large pot or square tray) if done right they wont look normal but just large fluffy puds! Some folk use lard, i dont use it. But wont argue it might be a better grease for the tin.

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