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DS2Key Beta Release


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**Beta release**


Note: This is a beta release and by no means perfect quality.

  1. PPJoy support was added
  2. I have included relative mouse support that simulates a laptop touchpad.
  3. There is no gui in this version.
  4. I've rewritten the protocol, should have no lagging anymore.
  5. Lid button support, ie if you close the lid to the ds your game can pause.
  6. 3DS/DSi should be supported.
  7. Source code included in src.rar



Please remember this is a beta version and it has not been heavily tested. I would enjoy any bug reports and comments to be posted here. To change settings you'll have to modify configuration files by hand. To use PPJoy support you will have to install PPJoy separately and there are many wonderful guides on the internet for it. To assign PPJoy buttons in the profile configuration files (ds2key.p0.ini) the format is:





I do hope to continue and release a final polished version but as always this is a work in progress and I have less and less time to put into the project. I hope to hear that a few people enjoy this release.



  1. Fixed PPJoy support.
  2. Removed DLL requirements.


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