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So I plan to sell my desktop


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I'm not advertising here, just asking for advice, I'd like to sell locally.


I'm moving and flying to my apartment in Utah from Kentucky, a 20 minute walk after being dropped off from the shuttle would not be possible with a third item like a computer.


I plan to build a new one shortly after I get there, I've already got things priced out, and I have doubts It'll cover what I would like, but I guess that's the life of computer hardware.



Anyway, here's the Hardware

i7 920, default 2.7Ghz, OC'd to 3.4Ghz. Quad Core with HT

CPU Heatsink: Cooler Master Hyper 212 http://www.coolermas...product_id=3096 (Its cool to the touch, fan is constant rate, isn't noisy(not silent though))

Motherboard: MSI X58 SLI Platinum


3x2Gb DDR3 RAM

Total RAM: 9GB at 1360Mhz (Normal is 1600Mhz, but for some reason the clocking mechanism didn't like my combinations until I hit that one), Scores the highest value on the Windows Experience Index at 7.7 anyway

Dual NVIDIA GTS 450's in SLI mode (Brand new, practically silent)

PSU: CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX750 V2 750W (brand new, practically silent, very cool, and efficient)

HDD: 500GB WD Caviar Black

Case: Black Steel Full Tower: Xclio Windtunnel, comes with like 10" diameter fans which are user controlled. Case already has enough airflow to be at low temps without the fans on, only need them on when doing something like luxrender for 7 days straight.

All parts listed above have been continuously cleaned to their prime throughout their lifetime, there's no buildup anywhere.


Installed a legit Windows Home Premium OEM, comes with a sticker(woooo...), since I figure most target buyers don't want linux.



(It can run hackintosh, but not with two graphics cards in there.)


And, some obligatory pictures

(album) http://imgur.com/a/pp0Oc











So, what do you think I should set as my price range? Should I be flexible? I want to sell it fast, and locally, like on craigslist.


I am selling as-is.


What experiences have you guys had?


Also, do you think it would be good to mention that I would additionally offer 2 1080p mint monitors, with cords, for an additional $200(non-flexible)?


Thanks for your advice in advance.

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That's a very impressive build you have there. Unfortunately it has been my experience that higher-end machines usually don't go for what they are really worth on places like Craigslist. In the past when I've upgraded my machines I usually sell the old parts piece-by-piece on eBay. I have had moderate success doing that but it's still rare to recoup most of the value. The one thing that is almost always a complete loss though is the case. There isn't much of a market for after-market cases.


If you are going to do Craigslist, I'd suggest pricing out similar new computers through manufacturers like Dell and HP so you can have some idea of the value then price down from there. When listing on Craigslist I always put my asking price about 10-20% higher than I actually expect to get so you can have some wiggle room with pricing.


If you still have the original box to your case you may want to consider shipping it to your new location. USPS Parcel Post and UPS Ground are fairly cheap for the size you will be shipping.

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I want to build a new one anyway, The box still exists, but from the last plane trip, it is no longer suitable/stable enough.


Yeah, everyone I've talked to so far presented that cases, even if they are worth $100, are totally forgotten about in the pricing.


I plan to go up a bit.


A friend said to do something where we have say

"I'm selling this desktop for $1200, I'm also willing to throw in 2 screens for $200, but together, I'll make it $1350" so it sounds like a deal.

Two people have already told me that 1500 would be great, but that's way over optimistic, so it should be between 1200-1000.

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Frankly, Id strip it down and ship the hardware to myself (pack the components in static bags, then box them with lots of bubblewrap). You will never sell it for what you want to get for it - as a rule - the only people who would buy your PC are enthusiasts, and they already know that they can save money by spending an afternoon building it themselves. Average consumers wont approach the PC because it doesn't have a brand name label stuck to it, making it impossible to get a review of it online, or comparison shop at Best Buy.


Finally, Id ditch the case. One of the scrap metal people will pick that up off your sidewalk in a heartbeat.

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