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Fix For Uncharted 3 for 3.55 CFW 100% Working


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Uncharted 3 now 100% working on v3.55 CFW consoles

First, we have to clearly give thanks to a PS3 developer that wishes to remain 'uncredited' for making available an v1.00 eboot that loaded and booted Uncharted 3 for v3.55 CFW users.


Second, there was some inital problems in getting the game to be fully playable all the way thru, but now thanks to more 'uncredited' sources, the following 26.8mb fix has been released into the wild on the 'net and it allows the game now to be fully working on both external and internal HDD's.




One good leak deserves another. Here's the 100% working fix to Uncharted 3! (for KMEAW 3.55 CFW)


Follow these steps IN ORDER:


(1) Extract all .psarc's into the folder they are already in and then delete them on your HDD.


When you're done it should look like this:










(2) Now, merge included USRDIR folder with the existing one where you extracted your psarcs. OVERWRITE all files when prompted.


(3) Replace the EBOOT.BIN with the one included.


(4) Transfer to your PS3, launch in Multiman.





- No Freezing

- Journal Works

- F##k you Bat420 and moogie





I wont post the fix links incase they are not allowed here.

If anyone has problems following the NFO alot more info can be found through the link above

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