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Pro evo falls behind FIFA... Again...


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This review is spot on even though I have not played any of these games yet.

The last time I played pro evo was 2011 and it was a serious sack of shit. (cheating AI was so bad at times I did not feel like i was playing just waiting for the AI to say "he can score now")


I was hardcore with pro evo, refused to believe that it was dying a slow death to FIFA but it has.

I can now officially after 6 years say I am jumping ship from the pro evo wagon to its more tarty cross dressing sister FIFA.

I would of been playing FIFA 11 last year but I had an old 8800nvidia card and I had the crappy lag bug that I could not fix so I had to miss out on it.

At the end of the month Im going to see how the bug reports for FIFA12 on the PC are going then Im gonna download it. :P

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From what I've heard and read, the new NHL12 and FIFA12 are really good. I'm certainly not a sports fan, but any developer that gets their game "right" earns my respect.

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