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gamepads wired vs wireless

gamez fan

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1st thing i done when i bought my xb360 arcade was sell the wireless gamepad on ebay and buy a wired one

grew up with wired pads so see no good valid reason why wireless is better but unfortunately the games companies think different and wireless

seems to be the new way where do you stand on this which do you prefer wired or wireless



+ no wires

- have to charge them up either by console or expensive charge pack that you have to buy

- higher electricity bill because of extra useage

- gamepad can run out of juice while your in the middle of a game

- recharge battery will need replaced at some point which=more money

- offical sony ps3 charge cable was way to short



+ see the above negs

+ gets its power from console

+ will never run out of charge

+ cheaper energy bills

+ no expensive add ons required

- wires which can get in the way

- could trip over wires and hurt yourself

- could trip over wires and damage gamepad or console

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I like to use both but to extend your list:



+can use from any distance away from TV

-weaker vibration effect



+stronger vibration effect

-cable may break after too much 'wrapping up'


This used to happen to me in the 1980s, when my mum made me put away my commodore 64 after every use - wrapping up the wire too many times used to cause it to fail! Much less likely to happen these days, as the cables are much stronger and better designed.

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