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Defently upgrading my card this time recommendations.


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I'll be most likely buying from here:


Unless I stumble across a cheap second hand one.


Im currently packing an 8800GS which has really started to let me down lately, the last two games , dead rising 2 and darkisders runs like SHITE.

Im embarrassed at how bad my card has become.

I wont be going much over 150 price range , plus I will be getting another stick of RAM to add to my two gig so as you can tell this might weigh in at around 200 pound but would LOVE to get it below that as much as I can.

Its bang for buck I reckon.

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A 460 is decent but what kind of power supply do you have?


The latest nvidia cards use a SHITTON of power and get ridiculously hot. Everything inside your computer will be way hotter because of it. You better make sure you have a good case with good fans/airflow as well.


Is this the best site for you to buy this from? It seems like certain cards cost more than they should while others are a good deal.

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Yeah I don't really know that much about sites that ship places other than the US. I would make sure you have enough power is all. That card uses about 140 watts at idle and about 270 at load.


EDIT: For some reason I thought you where looking at a 470 this whole time. Those numbers are still accurate though. You shouldn't have to worry about heat as much I think 460s usually run at like 45 degrees.


EDIT AGAIN: Bah fucking hangover, I can't think. Here are the numbers http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforc...mi,2684-13.html

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Alright, assuming you have enough power get pretty much any of these:




(this one seems like the best value)








Some of the more expensive ones are overclocked already and will run a bit faster. Some of them I just put on there because a lot of stuff seems to be out of stock. You basically want to get the 1GB version and as fast a clockspeed as you can. Make sure you get the 1GB version though for sure.

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