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nullDC discontinued for real, source code released


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As if this was a surprise, the Dreamcast emulator nullDC is now officially axed and over. The source code has been released on Google Code, which is great news for would-be future developers.


--Initial commit

--Most of the source is still missing, will be added later on (so yeah, this

won't compile)


This includes all the code for the CORE nullDC, whats missing are the plugins

and the emitter


**** PLEASE NOTE ****

The source is old. Most of it dates back to 2006, with large parts from 2005 or

2004. There are MANY typos all over the place. There is no uniform coding style

(nullDC was my first project using C/C++, and it began as a C# project)


Most of the code is written by me, parts of it are written by ZeZu, and maby

others (?). Psyman was our main tester during all these years (With various

others joining for short time periods) and he's slowly getting into editing the

source to fix bugs ( as i no longer do it myself).


Yes, the code is ugly, hacky, buggy and often just plain wrong -- but still

better than not released, righty ?


I hope this is as much help to others as it has been to me


-- raz


--rest of the code--

drkpvr: 3d rendering plugin (aka nullPVR, nullDC PVR, nullDC PowerVR)

nullAICA: aica(+dsp) plugin (aka sdlaica, nullDC AICA)

EmptyAICA: a set of hacks to make apps thinking theres an aica when there's none


nullDC_GUI: duh, the gui ...

ImgReader: support for gdi, cdi (via pfctoc), and mds/nrg

drkMapleDevices: the hacky implementation of maple devices. There are a few much

nicer plugins around, i'l probably kill this one and commit one of the others

later on ;p

vbaARM: this is an arm core based on vba's arm. Its much more recent, and

maintained than the older arm core (Altho considering when i ported it its

probably old by now ...)

emitter: the emitter that i developed for nullDC

With this you can build a working nullDC executable ~


The source code page can be found at: http://code.google.com/p/nulldc/

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