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NRG-1 13 times more powerful than cocaine and only 25p a go.


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New street drug named mephedrone (named meow-meow) has hit the press lately after quite a few deaths have been linked to to drug, now a "new legal high" naphyrone is threatening to kill many more, an with the look of things its looking very bad indeed.


The rave scene has recently "lifted" again in England and drugs like speed and ecstasy been shunted for the cheaper method.

Many are going to die if this sucker gets in to the dealers hands, and at 25p a go I Dont think any dealer who wants to make a profit is gonna flirt with this shit.

Having a G.C.S.E in chemistry gives you enough know how to make the drug your self.


I had young guys talking about it on my facebook today and a chick saying "I hate to admit it but I'll probably try it" I was like WTF do some research before you take a fucking drug you dumb cunt!!


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