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I think my motherboard is ill


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I get two short beeps on start up but can not seem to find what that means.

I read it may be an Internal clock error but cant seem to find MSI main-board error codes.

This happened before when i booted it would go to the Vista load bar then the hard drive would stop spinning (my little red light on the front) then just float forever, I would have to reboot it, today I had to reboot three times (reset)

before it kicked in.



2 beeps - Parity error - bad memory?


This links shows the error codes.

Im not sure what type of BIOS im running Dxdiag shows "default system BIOS"


So is this dodgy memory on the main-board or my actual ram?

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I would start with your memory first. If you have several sticks of RAM, try booting the computer with only one and keep cycling through them until you find the defective one. If you only have one, try moving it to another slot.


To find out what BIOS you're running, you'll need to go in the BIOS setup. On most computers, this is done by hitting the DEL, F2 or F12 key at bootup.

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i got two stick at a gig a piece im running ram tester now - once im in i never have crashes or trouble running i think this is defently a motherboard error.


The parity error has some thing to with something been "enabled or disabled" apparently it should be set to disabled.

I hate taking my rig apart!!!!


If I have to get another main board im going for ASUS all my MSI boards have fucked up majorly.


Will report back after memory tester has run.

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Im a stupid flunt - looks like I might have a dodgy stick of RAM I replaced the "1st" slot with my ram that was secondary and its booted up 6 times in a row - on using only the dodgy stick of ram i couldn't even get into BIOS.

So now Im gonna reseat the dodgy ram as secondary and memory scan it, which the memory scanner missed it because it was only scanning ram NOT is use...


I hope it detects it as faulty.

A little over a year for a stick of RAM to pack up is quite shocking.

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The CMOS is actually the memory chip your BIOS stores settings in. If one of your memory modules ends up being defective, you may want to get in touch with the memory manufacturer. Many of them give a lifetime warranty on RAM.

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This kaka pants i wan the big boys toys to test this shit!


Mem-test isn't finding anything but im gonna let it run for an hour which is what's reccomended, it actually wants me to leave it to run over night ffs thats not a very good tool. Im not doing that - im siding with the dodgy ram at the moment, but surely on boot up it packs it all up after swapping it...

This is strange.

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Any extra quick beep is how many USB sticks you have connected (external) the beep went back to one.

The suspected dodgy memory is still in use but not as primary...

The guys over at MSI forum wants EVERYTHING ever little deatail... Including my volts/amps of my power pack.

They asked my why my memory was running in single channel mode instead of dual..

I dont even know that.

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There's a free program called Everest which can give you full volt readouts of your Motherboard, CPU, RAM, etc. As for dual channel - the ram needs to be in corresponding slots, i.e putting your ram in slots 1 & 2 would make it dual channel but putting it in 1 & 3 would make it single. Of course your ram and mobo needs to support dual channel and be matching modules.


Everest link: http://www.lavalys.com/


You may find CPU-Z useful too. http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php

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