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Japan Only PS1 Games


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Finger Flashing (English patch available)

Asuka 120% - Burning feat Excellent

Policenauts (English patch available)

Personaa 2: Innocent Sin (English patch available)

Samurai Deeper Kyo

Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden (English patch available)

Tales of Phantasia (English patch available)

Umihara Kawase Shun - Second Edition

Zanac X Zanac

Love and Destroy

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Hey, I was just wondering if anyone would recommend some great PS1 games that were Japan only releases. Preferably games that you can play without knowing Japanese.


As far as I can tell, Money Idol Exchanger was Japan-only. It's a fun (yet very challenging) matching game. There's a tutorial on the main menu that you can get the gist of the gameplay from. :) If you know how to play Magical Drop/Chain Reaction, you know how to play Money Idol Exchanger. It's just money instead of colored balls.

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Money Idol Exchanger is originally a Neo-Geo game, hence why I didn't list it.


True, and IMO it's better in the arcades. :) But, as far as the PS1 goes, it meets his criteria. It's playable without Japanese skills (as long as you can add), it was only released in Japan, and it's fun. :)

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