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Remote Touch DS


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Remote Touch DS gives you the opportunity to remote-control your computers mouse, keyboard and other things from your Nintendo DS hand-held console. This solution is not like remote desktop, but more like an advanced remote control.


The solution is client-server based, obviously, and requires you to have a server running. It is not plugged with synergy, it is my own solution. The server receives commands from the Nintendo DS and acts according to them.


Current release (out now; 0.6):

(Released December 20th)

This is a major release and contains lots of bugfixes and new improved features. Support for custom key-mapping. This also release features a completely rewritten server-backend in Java. This means the server will work cross-platform (Windows, OS X, Linux and other *unix variants). I would be glad if people running Linux or other *unix variants would give me some feedback.


Next release schedule; 0.6+ (you decide):

(I will cross done tasks, so you can follow my progress)

Adding WIFI signal strength indicator.

Adding "confirm" action when doing shutdown/restart.

Add the most used hotkeys (like ctrl-alt-del, ctrl+c, ctrl+p and so fourth), and also enable arrows in keyboard-mode.

Add option to disable accelerated mouse and use the old 1:1 mouse.

Support for adding extra server lines in the rtds_config.txt and a accompanied server selection option.

Fix battery-save feature to not only work when in touch-mode.

You decide what the next cool thing is - come with ideas or enlighten me with a bug you've found ;)


Development logbook:

This logbook will be updated throughout my development - mainly when important progress is made.

August 26 2009; Today I finally fixed the problem with not being able to cover your whole screen when using mouse-control. Now it works like it should!

August 28 2009; I will soon begin revamping some of the GUI to use some small and nice transition effects.

November 14 2009; Will soon get some vacation and will therefore spend some time implementing new features!

November 29 2009; Working accelerated mouse-movements like a real touchpad!

November 30 2009; I have now fixed the problem that caused the problem with not being able to reconnect to the server (only mouse-movements worked). This means you are now able to reconnect to the server without having to restart the server! Yay!

December 3 2009; Preparing for 0.3 open beta release. Update dswifi to 0.3.10. We're getting close! :P

December 16 2009; Preparing for 0.3.5 release of the server-backend. Backend is completely rewritten in Java and now works cross platform (Windows, OS X, *unix).

December 17 2009; Hit a wall in the Java implementation. It seems Java has no support for mapping/recognizing media keys (play, pause, stop etc.). Trying to sort this out in an efficient way. This is the only thing not working, everything else works like it should.

December 20 2009; Released version 0.6. Merry Christmas to all!


Preview slides from 0.3 release:



Default key-mapping:



Screenshots of server running on Windows:




0.6 (major)

* Up on D-pad in "cursor"-mode for middle mouse click.

* Complete revamped server-backend rewritten in Java with full GUI (will work cross-platform; Windows and OS X/*unix etc.).

* Add support for custom key-mapping (gamepad-like feature) - configure this with the new server-backend GUI.

* Custom adjustment of mouse acceleration.


0.3 (major)

* Y button in "cursor"-mode for ALT.

* A button in "cursor"-mode for TAB.

* X and B in "cursor"-mode for scroll.

* Adding left/right shoulder buttons to also mimic mouse clicks.

* Accelerated cursor movements; much like a real touchpad.

* Fixing problems when reconnecting to the server. You are now able to reconnect to the server without having to restart the server!

* Implementing a battery-saver feature - when the DS lid is closed.

* Upgraded to dswifi to 0.3.10. The wifi connection is much more stable now.

* Corrected X and Y on keyboard and fixed some of the currently missing keys. I have a problem locating all the keys.

* Added onscreen cursor to the client making it easier to see last cursor position.

* Removed manual input of server IP and port. You now need to put a "rtds_config.txt" in the root of your cartridge with this data.

* Server partially rewritten - fixed problem with reconnect.

* Client GUI features/eyecandy implemented. Also better netcode.


0.2.2 (hotfix)

* Minor changes on the server backend - possible problem with shutdown/restart on XP (maybe) fixed.


0.2.1 (hotfix)

* Not able to connect properly when manually inputting connection data now fixed.



* Media Control Extended (MEX) - good for Media Center or similar.

* Keyboard fully calibrated and working with key press sound for comfort.

* Remote restart or shutdown of your computer - good for those late night movie sessions where you just want to shutdown your computer directly from the comfort of your bed.

* Added support for a "rtds_settings.txt" config-file on your cartridge with connection data - look in README.txt for more info.


0.1 (first public release)

* Mouse and keyboard support + media play controls. Keyboard needs serious calibration, will be done later.

Download latest Remote Touch DS, and have fun ;)

Feel free to redistribute this .zip, will save me bandwidth.

If you will like to supply me with my dose of coffee for my late night coding sessions, then you can donate some money on the download page ;)


(Read 'README' in .zip before you ask any questions please :))


The server will run on all systems that is able to run Java applications - this means just about every system possible (Windows, OS X, Linux and other *unix variants) - the only problems that could emerge would be with media key key-mappings or shutdown/restart commands.


Best regards,

BlazerRazor / Tobias


Some videos of Remote Touch DS in action:


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